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Dental Technology

At the dental office of Ricky Lane, DDS, MAGD, we focus on utilizing the latest dental technology to improve our quality of care. Our dentist and dental team are committed to staying up-to-date by continuing their education. To learn more about how we utilize advanced dental technology at our Statesboro, Georgia dental office, we invite you to contact us.

cerec crown imaging and fabrication

Cerec® Same-Day Crowns

3D CAD/CAM Technology

With Cerec® same-day crowns, your custom dental restoration can be designed and placed in just one visit. Cerec® technology utilizes sophisticated computer-aided design to produce high-quality ceramic crowns. Cerec® eliminates the need for impressions and temporary crowns, helping to make your dental experience more efficient and comfortable. Made from ceramic, Cerec® crowns are extremely durable and aesthetic. General and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ricky Lane, will ensure that your dental crown matches the color of your natural teeth for a beautiful, natural-looking result.

comfort injection system

The Wand

Comfort Control™ Syringe

We are pleased to utilize the Comfort Control™ Syringe to ensure that your dental treatment is painless and pleasant. Also known as "The Wand", the Comfort Control™ Syringe uses computer technology to guarantee a slow, steady flow of anesthetic. Anesthetic flow that is too fast can cause a painful, stinging sensation; with the Comfort Control™ Syringe, your injection will be virtually pain free. Dr. Lane and our team are dedicated to ensuring that you have an enjoyable dental visit – your comfort is our top priority.

dental laser

Laser Dentistry

Deka Ultraspeed CO2 Laser

Dr. Lane utilizes the Deka Ultraspeed CO2 laser to provide you with more efficient and comfortable dental care. The Deka Ultraspeed CO2 laser reduces the discomfort associated with dental procedures, therefore requiring less anesthesia. Laser dentistry helps to minimize swelling and bleeding resulting in faster post-op recovery. Laser technology also has the benefit of bacterial decontamination, which can reduce the risk of infection. Utilizing laser dentistry, it is sometimes possible to perform select dental surgical procedures such as cosmetic gum sculpting with little to no suturing for immediate aesthetic results.

dental camera

Intraoral Photography

Dexcam™ Intraoral Camera

The Dexcam™ intraoral camera is a diagnostic tool that helps our dentist and team detect dental problems more accurately and efficiently. The Dexcam™ also allows you, the patient, to view images of your mouth to better understand your dental condition and your treatments. The Dexcam™ intraoral camera provides live images and video to a high-resolution LCD screen that can be viewed by both the dentist and patient from multiple angles. Images from the Dexcam™ intraoral camera can be enhanced up to 50 times, allowing for more detailed viewing.

x-ray image on screen

Digital X-rays

Dexis® Digital Diagnostic Imaging

Dexis® digital radiography allows us to more efficiently detect and diagnose dental conditions. Digital X-rays use considerably less radiation than traditional film X-rays. Digital X-ray images can be viewed instantly and enhanced on our high-resolution screen, allowing Dr. Lane to make them larger, clearer, or higher in contrast. Dexis® digital radiography can aid in identifying bone loss, infection in the nerve, developmental abnormalities, decay between the teeth, cysts and abscesses, tumors, and cracks or damage in existing dental fillings.

dental handpieces

Electric Handpieces

KaVO Electric Handpieces

We are pleased to utilize KaVO electric handpieces at our Statesboro, Georgia dental office to make your dental treatment more comfortable. Electric handpieces provide a consistent rotation and speed for greater control, compared to air-driven handpieces. Patients also appreciate the noise-reduction of electric handpieces. Our dentist, Dr. Ricky Lane, can complete your dental treatment quickly and efficiently using KaVO electric handpieces, providing a smoother, quieter experience.

ultra violet dental light in patients mouth

Oral Cancer Screening

Identafi® 3000 Ultra

Oral cancer may have few noticeable signs and symptoms until it has progressed to an advanced stage. We use the Identafi® 3000 Ultra to look for any early warning indicators that may be present. The Identafi® uses white, violet, and amber wavelengths of light to illuminate the oral tissue, allowing Dr. Lane to check for abnormalities that may be cancerous. Your highly trained dentist and dental team are educated in the signs of potentially cancerous abnormalities; the earlier we catch the signs of oral cancer, the more effectively it can be treated.

three dimensional digital dental impression

Digital Impressions

Trios® Digital Impression System

Our practice features the Trios® Digital Impression System that we use to scan your teeth and create virtual 3D models. This means no more goop, gagging or discomfort that is normally associated with traditional dental impressions! Dr. Lane uses this powerful tool for analysis of the teeth, bone, jaw and soft tissue structures in developing your treatment plan. The efficiency and visual advantages of digital impressions help us to improve your dental experience so you always feel great about improving your smile.

multiple digital dental x-rays and three dimensional images of the jaw

Cone Beam 3D Radiography

Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) gives Dr. Lane the ability to acquire x-rays of the teeth, jaw and surrounding structures. The images can be rotated using 3D software to evaluate details about the jaw bone, tooth nerve canals and TMJ (temporomandibular joint). These 3D images are extremely valuable in assessing treatment progress, surgical planning for dental implants and wisdom teeth extraction.

If you would like to know more about how these technologies may benefit your smile, contact us today!