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Gentle Dentist Near Me, Statesboro GA

In our modern world, dentistry has evolved and advanced. Today’s dental practices can be very different from how they were in the past.  There are many people who feel apprehensive about visiting their dentist. If you’re one of them, then you’ll be happy to know that there are some great gentle friendly dentists out there.  …

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dental cleaning

Importance of Dental Exam & Teeth Cleaning | Statesboro GA

No matter how diligent your at-home oral care routine is, harmful bacteria can still hide in your mouth in places that are hard to reach with regular brushing and flossing. After some time, the accumulated plaque and tartar can pose serious risks to your oral health and even affect your overall health if the bacteria …

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Welcome to Your Dentist in Statesboro

Ricky Lane, DDS “I believe in long-term optimal oral health and aesthetics. The cosmetic and reconstructive philosophy of my practice is based on the principles of the L.D. Pankey Institute, in which the focus is on the whole person, not just their teeth. Additionally, my goal is to assist patients in keeping their teeth in …

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